Friday, December 30, 2016

ODFW Stocked over 400 Brooder Trout; Here's Where to Find them

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocked 400 brooder trout in December 2016; Here's Where to Find Them

David Woloshun with a Timber Linn Lake Rainbow
ODFW's trout stocking program provides fishing opportunities for recreational anglers, and once the largest brooder trout have been spawned in the hatchery, they are strategically released to various locations around the state in order to proviide an opportunity to catch a trophy sized rainbow trout.

I first caught wind of a tip from Bill Monroe of the Oregonian that lists a few spots near Portland, including the Mt. Hood Community College Pond in Gresham, Blue Lake in Fairview, and Henry Hagg Lake near Forest Grove have been stocked with brooder trout. Hagg also recieved a fair stocking of smaller, but legal-sized keeper trout as well.
Further South, Sheridan and Huddleston ponds, Walter Wirth Lake in Salem, Timber Linn Lake in Albany and Cottage Grove Pond (now known as Row River Nature Park) are also scheduled to be stocked with brooder trout.

If you want to improve your chances at utilizing the state's trout stocking programs, find a trout fishing opportunity near you. Check the stocking schedule. You can also subscribe to recieve updates on trout stocking schedules via ODFW.