Sunday, February 16, 2014

ODFW Trout Stocking Heats Up

Keyaira Hansell shows off a catch from her favorite secret fishing hole.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hatchery stocking continues through the spring and into the summer providing a great introduction to fishing for younger or inexperienced anglers. A general Oregon Angling License is all that’s required to fish for trout. Youth 14-17 years old need a juvenile angling license and kids under 14 fish for free. ODFW also offers Oregon residents and visitors a weekend to fish, crab and clam without a license the first full weekend in June. This is a great opportunity to introduce new anglers to the water.
Bright dough baits, single eggs and worms fished just off the bottom or under a bobber are popular presentations, but there a number of spinners, spoons and other baits made for casting and retrieving that also work well. Most trout in shallow still-water ponds will be suspended within a foot or two off the bottom, so when you're casting lures, it's a good rule of thumb to allow them to sink for a few seconds before retrieving them. Try different depths to find the fish. The ODFW website has a great beginners guide to trout fishing:

The stockings will periodically place different quantities of approximated sizes based on age. The three different size classifications for ODFW stocked rainbow trout are:
Legals that range from 8"-10"
Larger Trout 12"
Pounders 14"
Trophy Trout = 16"

For more on Free Fishing Weekend events in Benton County, contact Matt Frank at 541-487-7240

For more information on local stocking schedules near Corvallis call the ODFW South Willamette District Office in Corvallis: (541) 757-4186 or visit the ODFW website to check stocking schedules for nearby areas:

This piece was published in the 5/22/14 issue of the Corvallis Advocate:

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