Thursday, January 14, 2016

CCA Meeting Minutes 1/13/2016

Matt Halseth and Sam Wurdinger

Guest speaker introduction by Ty Wyatt:

Sam Wurdinger of Dinger Jigs and guide Matt Halseth

Sam discussed the value in different styles of floats for different types of water, color and weight choices of jigs, and the benefits of UV reactive colors and non-flourescent colors for different situations, how to create optimal presentations and the right combinations of rods, line and drag to keep fish on the end of your line.

Matt discussed low/clear water finesse tactics, including line, floats and rigging options as well as side drifting and spinner/spoon techniques.

People who are interested in becoming new members at this time should purchase a banquet ticket, as the cost of a membership is included. People who purchase their banquet tickets in advance before February 3rd will receive 5 free raffle tickets for the banquet.

The next CCA Corvallis Chapter meeting will be February 3rd at the Holiday Inn Express in Corvallis at 6pm. Kyle Buschelman of Willamette Valley Outfitters will be the guest presenter. 

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