Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Swimming Dead - Zombait


This year at ICAST, Zombait made it's debut with a unique gadget made to be inserted into dead bait to bring it back to life with a natural swimming action. Made from corrosion resistant materials that operates at depths of up to 200 feet in fresh or saltwater, the Zombait's battery life lasts about 3 hours.

Ideal for mullet, ballyhoo, ladyfish, mackerel, and other common saltwater baits, you can spend less time fishing for fresh bait and more time fishing for your intended target species. Being able to bring your dead bait back to life also makes it less hassle to keep your bait alive.

The Zombait is inserted into bait seven inches or larger and a small peg on the end of the power cell wiggles back and fourth at the tail, producing a natural movement that will make your fishing excursions more like a Weekend at Bernie's.

The Zombait retails for $69 and includes a battery, USB charger, and a carrying case. If you're planning on fishing for extended periods of time on the water or running multiple Zombaits, the premium pack includes 3 zombaits with batteries, USB charger, and a carrying case for $159. Following the ICAST event, they expect to be sold out of their current stock by the end of the month and increasing production to meet demand.

The batteries are AA sized, but they're actually a 14500 rechargeable cell with an integrated power control module that provides a higher voltage for stronger motion with the Zombait. The outer casing is made from a durable polycarbonate plastic, similar to what is commonly used on underwater cameras and football helmets. Because it's a significant investment, you can attach a secondary leader from the end of your Zombait to your mainline to prevent losing it in the case of a snag or fish that takes your leader.

While the current design debuted at ICAST is more ideal for larger baits and offshore fishing, the company intends to produce a smaller version of the Zombait for inshore anglers. You can find out more about the product at

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