Thursday, June 18, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Every Catch and Release Angler Needs this Tool

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Published 10/11/2015

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  1. Awesome 5 reason, But can i add a 6th Reason why you need a pair of them?

    6:The ROC's Are not Hemostats! They are even better!

    The Roc Fish Hook Removers are in the "needle holders" class of surgical instrument and needle holders are more robust (thicker-stronger) and designed to clamp onto surgical suture needles and to let the surgeon forcibly drive the needle through not so soft, soft tissue. Needle holders don't distort (like Hemostats will) with repeated hard usage, and needle holder are definitely not cheaply made. And you can't find any inexpensively made in China versions.
    Simply stated, a hemostat can't do what a needle holder can, and does, do. This is why we have a life time guarantee (with normal usage) on all of the Rocs.Comparing the hemostat to the Roc is like comparing a VW to a Porsche or a BMW. Their titanium nitrite coating makes them practically indestructible.