Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father-son outing results in catch of a lifetime...

8 year old David Jacobson caught this monster muskie while fishing with his father Erik in Minnesota. Fishing with children takes a lot patience, and this father exemplifies the way an adult should handle a “big-fish situation” with a young angler. First of all, the child is wearing a PFD. The two act as a team, with a goal of landing this muskie, which measured well over 4 feet long. At some point during the video, young David says, “I can’t!” and his father quickly answers “Yes you can!” with full confidence when his son backs up to the bow and lifts the rod so that he can net the fish. The reaction from the young angler is priceless. They snap a few photos, and with support from David, his father releases the fish to be someone else’s moment with the trophy.

Another Good Men Project writer, David Davis, recently wrote an article titled: “A Conservationist Dad Reveals the Truth to Greater Happiness and Health for your Kids: They Need Time by Natural Water.” Water is necessary to our survival, but there’s an element of therapeutic, psychological benefit as well. My childhood consisted of fishing for at least an hour or two every day to unwind and have my moment of zen. To be completely honest, my adulthood is not much different either. My love for being near the water is something that was gifted to me by my father many years ago, and to this day, I have an intense fear of living anywhere that’s landlocked.

This father’s day, set aside time to spend a moment on, in, or near the water. Erik Jacobson resides in Garrison, Minnesota and his passion is fishing for big muskies. His film series “Just Big Muskies” is co-produced with Brian Hanson and they run a website to promote their film projects at

This article was published by The Good Men Project on June 19th, 2015

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