Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Letter to my Readers about my New Writer Page on Facebook

Several years of writing for various print publications and online periodicals have evolved into a steady stream of writing opportunities. At the suggestion of the editors at Wide Open Spaces, I've decided to create a writer/author page to help distribute links to my articles as they appear. To my family, friends, and readers, I'm grateful for the support that I've received, advice, and kind words from mentors like Wilhelm Cortez, Jeff Holmes, Bill Herzog, Terry Wiest, Eric Martin, Robert Montgomery, & the list goes on.

While contributing to print publications is timeless and extremely rewarding, the word count and imagery normally holds the most value to the editors. Published content online on the other hand holds value by the view count, so the assistance of social media is a necessary evil in order to make the wheels turn. Social media certainly has it's pros and cons. The purpose of this page is to simply act as a vehicle for the flow of my content to travel to my readers. I realize that by posting in numerous Facebook groups already, many of you already get dozens of annoying notifications as a result of my incessant "spamming." However, now and then, I receive compliments, gratitude and encouragement that inspire me to continue what I'm doing and become successful at it. Thank you for being patient and understanding about this.

Each day I spend in the outdoors, record my experiences, and share them with you, I am truly "living the dream." Thank you for the support, being part of that dream, and making it come true for me.

If you would like follow my writing as it's published, please like the Randall Bonner Outdoor Writer Facebook Page.

Thank you,

Randall Bonner

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